Paula Wackrow is an experienced Fitness Consultant, personal trainer and running coach who understands the challenges people face with their fitness objectives. She knows how difficult it is to maintain a regular health and fitness routine, and what it really takes to make a permanent change towards achieving the goals you dream of.

Each year Paula sets new health and fitness goals for herself, here are her highlights:

  • Full-Time Personal Trainer – Share my passion supporting others to make the change to achieve their life health and fitness.
  • Running – 5 km, 10 km, half marathon and endurance running.
  • Rock climbing – Certified Lead Climber, climbing outdoors all over New Zealand.
  • Body Building – Competition NABBA competitor trained by John Tanner.
  • Rehabilitation & Weightloss – Managing a severe back injury bringing my weight back under control and achieving a running goal of 100 km per week when told I would not run again.
  • Learn Corrective Exercise & Neuromuscular Stretching – Extending my knowledge of the importance of core strength.
  • Group Fitness Instructor Spin – Learning this enabled my love of bike riding and the opportunity to encourage others.

For more than 13 years Paula has been coaching individuals to achieve their best in their everyday life with their physical and emotional goals. It’s not easy juggling all that life throws at us, nor fitting in the important focus on health and well-being. Paula is passionate about what she does and she loves it!

As a National Academy Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer Paula wants to help you integrate fitness into your busy life. Her motto is simple – One life. One body. Make it great!

Since the age of 19 Paula has been working out. She was initially encouraged by ex-All Black Steve McDowell at a time when she was using running only as her fitness, weight and stress management tool. Paula is truly grateful to Steve for opening her eyes to the world of health and fitness.

Even with this guidance, it wasn’t until Paula was in her 30s that she truly began to understand the benefits of a consistent combined cardio and strength training programme. This is when her own fitness journey really began. She then made it her mission to learn about how her body worked and how to maximise its use.

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