Personal Training will help you achieve your goals faster – there’s no two ways about it!

Engaging Paula’s expertise as your very own Personal Trainer, you will be targeting the areas you need to target, and getting the results you want to get. Whether that is fitness alone, weight management or stress relief, you will have a plan that works for you. It’s that simple!

During your FREE 1-hour consultation you will get:

  • Clearly defined goals.
  • A physical assessment to use as your benchmark.
  • Nutritional advice to help you achieve your goals.
  • A personalised strategy and programme.
  • Your own flexible Personal Training packages designed specifically for your needs whether that is 1-2-1, a group or at home programme, outdoors or for the gym.

Keeping up with any fitness regime can be tough, but that’s where your Personal Trainer comes in. With the guidance and support 1-2-1 of a knowledgeable and supportive fitness expert, you will have a much greater chance of succeeding in the longterm.

With Bay Fitness and your commitment to your personalised programme you can expect:

  1. Fat loss and increased muscle tone.
  2. Flatter abs, toned legs, arms and butt.
  3. Increased energy and improved well-being.
  4. A fun and enjoyable experience.
  5. Accountability.

Get in touch with Paula at Bay Fitness today to make a start on your health and well-being journey.

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